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Did God actually make heaven and earth and everything in it about 6,000 years ago?
Was there an ice age?  If so, when did it happen?
If evolution is true, will I see anything evolve in my life time?
Has the geography on this planet ever been one land mass surrounded by seas?
How did North and South America become populated after the flood ~4,000 years ago?
Why do we see the same kinds of animals in Africa and South America?
Where did the more than 4,000 languages today come from?
Can descendants of an apple tree eventually produce oranges, or humans lead to monkeys?
Is it possible to misunderstand information in the Bible and not know you have?
Was there ever other life on our planet beyond what we currently see today?
Will our world as we know it ever come to an end?
For a perspective that combines evolution’s old Earth with the truth and text of the Bible, read on